SOSUPERSAM – Let Them Eat Cake NYD 2020



Los Angeles artist, SOSUPERSAM, or Samantha Duenas, is a performing artist and a member of the highly popular Soulection crew. Starting her career as a professional dancer supporting the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Kelly Rowland, she is now widely considered a seasoned DJ and a familiar name on the international music circuit. She is known for the R&B night 143, an LA-based event she co-founded which has become a playground for R&B personalities from Quest Love to Miley Cyrus. She also turned this local event into global one, branded events popping up in cities from New York City to Berlin to Amsterdam. For music lovers, she might be best known for her ‘SUP’ mixtape series, which smartly interweaves her original music with a curation of her favourite songs. The mixtapes would culminate in ‘Garden’, a 6-track EP showcasing her songwriting and R&B vocal stylings. SOSUPERSAM is part of a new school of visionary artist that encapsulates a DIY ethos, a lot of talent, and an even fiercer desire to achieve.

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